Link to Slideshow.

This is a compilation of photos, maps and poems assembled over the last few years which have been taken from different posts. The slideshow, which last 16 minutes, will give you the opportunity to get a quick impression of the villages and countryside around Somersby where the poet Alfred Lord Tennyson lived for the first […]

More about the Danes.

In the introduction to this blog I explained why I used descriptive names like gill and rig, normally associated with northern England, to describe the landscape of the southern Wolds. The first map shows how in the Howardian Hills in North Yorkshire where these words are used within a topography similar in height to the […]

Big Skies and Hidden Valleys.

Lincolnshire has always been singled out for its big skies and more recently has been promoted as a good location for cloud spotting with its clear air and uninterrupted views but if you had to pick a single location where these characteristics are shown off to best effect then the high ground immediately west of […]

Central Wolds Cycle Challenge.

The section of the Bluestone Heath Road stretching from Tetford Hill north to the A631, along one of the highest Wold ridges, offers an unrivalled opportunity for hilly cycle routes on quiet roads. This is because, if you include Tetford Hill, along this section this road is crossed six times by other roads at a […]