The Valley of the River Lud.

Heading north along the crest of the Wolds by way of the Bluestone Heath Road to the right or east are a series of deep combes of which the most southern is by far the most well known. This is Cadwell with its world renowned motorcycling circuit famous for its steep undulating course. This classic […]

Central Wolds Challenge.

The section of the Bluestone Heath Road stretching from Tetford Hill north to the A631, along one of the highest Wold ridges, offers an unrivalled opportunity for hilly cycle routes on quiet roads. This is because, if you include Tetford Hill, along this section this road is crossed six times by other roads at a […]

The Brook

The Brook is one of Tennyson’s best known poems and most assume it is about the little River Lymn, which flows close by his boyhood home. Tennyson himself says it is not a specific brook and when the poem is read in its entirety, including the deliberately contrasting sections about different characters and their lives, […]

Tennyson Trail

As the previous blog points out the similarities between the Bain valley and Lymndale are many but in one respect there is a fundamental difference which might affect a visitors enjoyment. This is that most of the villages in the Bain valley have pubs whereas these are sparse in Lymndale. Counter to this with being […]

Gartree Hills

Gartree is a wapentake adjacent to Hill. Its eastern boundary is the section of the ancient ridgeway known as the Bluestone Heath Road stretching from Belchford to Donington on Bain. This is nearly twelve kilometres long and both parishes are within its boundaries. Like all other wapentakes, with the exception of Hill, it stretches from […]

Old Bolingbroke

It is not often that a place is better to visit in winter than summer but Old Bolingbroke, nestled in a deep valley and protected by hills on three sides, is a good destination in winter or early Spring. The main attraction is the ruined castle which though not high has an intact curtain wall […]

Snowdrops in the Dale.

This year after a mild wet winter, more akin to Wales than Lincolnshire, the snowdrops were in bloom early and the Tennyson valley (Lower Lymndale) is a good place to admire them. These Lent lilies as Tennyson called them help lift the spirits and are an indication that the darkest days of winter are on […]